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Golden miles

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 14.10.52


Whoop whoop – the 100km in March look more than realistic with a 10k coming up tomorrow and only 10k left for the last week of the month. I’m super happy about the progress after being out half of January and February. Hooray!

Also: I’m super curious how my 10k race will go tomorrow after another 10k and strength training today. Recommendations, anyone?

Now I just need to find the patience for my long runs. Ugh.


Drumroll please



May I present: the newest addition to the family!

I just did my first 45km on my very first own racing bike – oh my gosh, I’m so excited! This was definitely a really great buy and I couldn’t be happier about it. Let’s see through how many races this babe will take me!


Wohooo! Full on triathlon motivation!


Race day

Oh. My. God.

Race Day.

The early bird…

…catches the fish. Apparently. There’s plenty of those in there.



Today was my first swim at the new location – and except for getting tangled in a few water lilies it went really well: the weather was amazing, the water is clear enough and sort of warm enough, that one lone swan kept far away so we could get some distance covered. I practiced orientation, probably got some few hundred meters done and tried how the running in a neoprene suit works (funny, strange but doable).

This whole thing might actually work.

I’ll TRI to tell you a funny story

…without too many bad puns like the above.

So… I wanted to sign up for the sprint distance (sprint distance, this is key here!) of Vienna’s City Triathlon – but just as I got my sh…shivering nerves together, the women’s spots were sold out.

Oh well, I figured a nicely pleading email can’t hurt anyone, and so I was put onto the waiting list. Without too much thinking (obviously) I opted to be put on both waiting lists.

A week later, my confirmation for the OLYMPIC DISTANCE arrived.

Since then I’m unsuccessfully trying to tell myself not to panic.

But… AHHHHH!!!


After the wonderful training camp with Lothar and Nicole Leder I’m incredibly motivated, but the distance still freaks me out. Also… the race is in 3 weeks.


Just as I’m writing this, I’m having one of those ‘what the hell was I thinking’ moments – but they seem to come around pretty regularly since the race registration. Oh well.

On the topic of ‘what am/was I thinking’ there’s also this weekend’s plan, that fits in pretty perfectly with the ‘am I completely or just partly crazy’ issues I seem to be having.

Tomorrow at 5AM I’ll leave for Nike’s ‘We own the night‘ race in Berlin – and I am beyond excited. We’ll run a 10k together, enjoy a fun concert by Cro and head back at night to arrive back in Vienna around 10-11AM next morning.

That day, however, I’ve signed up for a cross run starting at noon in Vienna – before I knew about the Berlin race.

And to top it off, there’s the huge Women’s Run on Sunday.


On a completely unrelated note: I wish I hadn’t caught a cold this week with all the exam stressing.

Keep your fingers crossed. I need it.