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Walk the line

By now, not only runners but the world knows what happened at the Boston Marathon this year.

So far, @jkauffman79 said it best on twitter:

As a runner, I feel like someone just attacked my friends. As a person, I’m just horrified.

I’m on the other side of the Atlantic, but read about the blasts less than 10 minutes after it happened and I’m heartbroken. Just after running two races on back to back weekends it breaks my heart to see the spot that every runner is yearning for, that every spectator is looking for, that every camera is set to being so desecrated. The finish line usually is the happy place – you ran, you gave your all, you see THAT line and you go for it. You’ve battled with hills, the weather and your deepest thoughts to get there.

And you know what? Everyone deserves that happiness. That relief of crossing the finish line.

I can’t fathom how anyone could chose this as the site of such an attack. There’s enough people running for charity. For friends and loved ones. To overcome something that they never thought possible. And to take all this away from them is unfair beyond imagination.

After today, Boston will not be the same. But hearing of runners who made it to mile 26 and then went off to hospitals to donate blood shows that they’re not only an incredibly tough breed but also the best people. The world will move on, heartbreak will come on hills or otherwise but as runners we can’t and we won’t lose hope. Be it mile 1 or mile 26, there’s always a reason for the next step and we need to keep going!

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I’ll see you at the next finish line. Take care, but run on!

My thoughts and condolences go out to the victims and their loved ones – it is more tragic than I’m able to put into words. That this post is focused on the running side of things means neither disrespect nor disregard but utter disbelief.