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Peanut butter cups

What would life be without those sweet little treats? If you ask me, you’ll hear something between boring and impossible!

So, here’s a clean recipe for peanut butter cups – for more guilt-free happiness.



For the chocolate covering:

1 cup coconut oil

1 1/2 cups raw cocoa powder

3 tbs honey or maple syrup

optional: a pinch of salt


Peanut butter

For the covering firstly melt the coconut oil, then slowly add the honey, salt and cocoa powder. I love using a bain-marie made of steel, but a glass bowl will do the trick. Mix until you have a smooth, liquid chocolate paste.

Put about 2 teaspoons of the chocolate mix into your forms, put it into the freezer immediately and keep your chocolate mix warm and smooth. When the chocolate has hardened (after about 10 min.) place a dollop of the nut butter in the middle of each form, cover with the chocolate mix and let everything harden up in the fridge.

They will keep in the fridge for 4+ weeks (if you haven’t eaten all of them by that time!).



Coconut snowballs (ho, ho, ho, it’s paleo)


1 tbs Butter

2 tsp coconut milk

150g coconut flakes

25g ground almonds

100g white chocolate (trade in for almond butter and a tsp honey if you want to keep it paleo)


2 tbs coconut liquor (Malibu) or White Mozart Liquor (White chocolate cream)

a bit of milk or coconut milk to get the right consistency if the 2 tsp above aren’t enough


Melt butter and chocolate, add the coconut milk and remove from stove. Stir in the coconut flakes, cinnamon and almonds, add the liquor and if the consistency is still a little on the dry side, add a bit of (coconut) milk until you have a wonderfully sticky doughy mass.

Refrigerate (but not freeze – you want cold dough, not a block of concrete!) for a min. of 3 hrs.

Form little balls and place into praline papers – enjoy.


Store cool.