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Comfort food at its best – a spicy, creamy and protein packed chill for that one day (well, okay, make that a week) in spring where winter suddenly thinks it’s not over yet.




3 tbs quinoa

3 tbs black lentils

3 tbs red lentils

1 can kidney beans

1 small can corn

1 tsp raw cocoa powder

1 bell pepper

1 sweet potato

100g cherry tomatoes

2 carrots

salt, pepper, chili, paprika, herbs to taste


Heat a tablespoon olive oil and dice the carrots, bell pepper and sweet potatoes. Roast the tomatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes until they color and smell super aromatic. I love to add a bit of rosemary here, too.

Add 4 cups of water, wash the corn and beans and add to the chill. Stir in the quinoa and lentils as well as the cocoa powder.

Turn down the heat and simmer for a good 30 minutes. Check back to stir occasionally and – if needed – add more water.

Season and add a bit of carrot green pesto on top.

Enjoy – winter’s almost over!




Pesto with Carrot Greens



1 bunch carrot greens

1 cup olive oil

2 tbs almonds

2 garlic cloves

75g parmesan (optional – substitute with an additional tbs nuts)

salt, pepper

If you buy your carrots from a farmers market or an organic supermarket you might get your carrots including the greens. Yesterday, I just couldn’t resist these beauties:


The greens looked so perfect that it seemed like a terrible waste just throwing these away which sent me googling for recipes. The one thing that everyone seemed to recommend was pesto and that’s definitely something that I don’t need to be told twice to make. Yum!

Chop up the greens and the garlic finely and put them into a blender, slowly add the olive oil until the right consistency is reached. Finely grate the parmesan and all right at the end with salt and pepper.

Keep refrigerated and covered with olive oil and it’ll keep for 2+ weeks.


Paleo sun-dried tomato pesto

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 6.20.49 PM

For sooo much paleo goodness you’ll need:

1 cup dried tomatoes

1/2 cup olive oil

3 garlic cloves

1/4 cup mixed walnuts and almonds

1 tbs gram masala

1 sprig fresh basil and thyme

pepper, salt

If the tomatoes are not packed in oil, cut them into smaller pieces and let them soak in the olive oil for at least a few hours to get them softer.

Peel garlic, and put all ingredients into a blender and store in a cool place. Go easy on the salt – the dried tomatoes can be pretty salty on their own.

If stored in the fridge, this will keep easily for a few weeks (3-4+).