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40 days of eating clean

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Bye bye love, bye bye cupcakes. (Damn, it’d be so much nicer if that rhymed.)

It’s happening.


#40daysofeatingclean is starting its journey today – I’m scared, thrilled, excited and not quite sure what I’m getting myself into.

For the first time – basically ever – I will not only try to train smartly for my upcoming half marathon but also take the nutrition side of things into account. I’ve been playing around with this thought for a while now, but, you know, I just couldn’t leave no peace of chocolate behind. (Also, who would do that?! Oh. Wait. Me, from now on. Shucks.)

Here’s the project:

I WILL eat clean for the 40 days of lent. Lots of homemade stuff, lots of things that would meet paleo and/or vegan criteria.

I WILL pay attention how certain food choices affect my training.

I WILL not only run and run and run but I’ll cross train. Smartly. Trying new things and focusing on a balanced full body workout rather than chomping down on ridiculous mileage.

I WILL let myself have a cheat day per week. Lent would traditionally give you Sunday off, I’ll take a day per week that for whatever reason I feel like I’ll ditch the restrictions.

I WILL share my journey here as well as on instagram.

I WON’T cut out entire food groups. You won’t see 40 days of eating vegan on here. You won’t see me scowling at the horrific idea of eating bread. Or carbs. Or whatsofreakingever. I like to eat, but for the upcoming 40 days, I’ll know what goes into my food and I’ll be able to pronounce it without needing a degree in chemistry. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? (I’ll eat my words. I know I will.)

I WON’T give up if there’s one day that doesn’t go as planned. I’ll get back to it the next day. If that means 2 cheat days that week, so be it. BUT: it is a long-term commitment, especially with the half marathon coming up a week before Easter (talk about pefect timing here, huh?).

Soooo – who’s in? Who’s done that before? What do you think?