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Baby went to Amsterdam…

…and ended up in pouring rain. Mixed with a litte… rain. To be fair, sometimes it was only a drizzle. But seriously, Dutch weather: you need to get you sh#t together, this wasn’t okay.

IMG_5508Bike heaven.

What was amazingly great, however, was all the wonderful food and coffee to be had in both cities I visited. And the reunions, of course. So great to see all these people again – crack up about the same stuff, sharing inside jokes. It was wonderful, especially after that turbulent exam week.

Is this okay or is it too cheesy?

Here’s a few recommendations:

Hanneke’s Boom

A lovely little place at the harbour and right next to the big library, great music, really chilled vibe, great food. They had lots of beer on tap and bottled as well as cider and great fresh mint tea (to warm up after getting soaked in the rain once more).


This place is tiny, it’s a bit dodgy, it’s nothing special by the looks of it – but they do the most amazing thai food for really fair prices. It can get pretty crowded in there, but tourists are a rare sight.

2013-06-22 16.35.10

One gracht of many. And endless boats. It was wonderful.



Best. Apple. Pie. Ever.

No, seriously, it’s amazing. And they do wonderful coffee, the service is SO friendly and it’s a perfect place to feel like a cat next to the fireplace: happy, sleepy and about to purr.


Vinnie’s Deli

I absolutely love the style of this place – wooden floors, the ingredients neatly stacked up above the counter, delicious sandwiches, great mint tea, wonderful coffee, free wifi – all served with a smile. Pretty much everything you could ask for. Oh, and super comfortable couches.


Cafe Brecht

It’s hipster, but it is cool after all. Great place for a few drinks at night, huge beer selection.



Part of the University of Amsterdam, this coffee meets bar place is buzzing with students (haha, captain obvious) and it’s a really nice place to kick back and enjoy a beer or some coffee. There’s comfy couches, books and sometimes performances going on.


Utrecht showing the dutch cliche.