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Halfway there

When I started #40daysofeatingclean I thought that 40 days is an incredibly long time to pay that much attention to what I eat. That I’ll suffer. That I’ll have a hard time. I mean… I’m too stubborn to give up, but still, I was pretty convinced this would put me to the test. After all: I’m pretty addicted to anything sweet and usually no carb gets left behind.

You know what? It’s not that bad. At all! No suffering, plenty of delicious meals, interesting reads and lots of things learned. I’m glad I invest time to take a closer look with what I’m fuelling my body. What goes into the food I eat.

I’m far from nibbling on celery sticks and having no energy – quite on the contrary: I have more energy, I don’t feel that beaten up after an intense day, I feel ready for a run whenever I want. Well. Mostly. (Also: when I’m not hungover – but since Saturday and Sunday usually are the days for long runs, that’s okay, too.



I took it easy with running last week and did a bit more strength training to keep my shins happy and I’m not that scared of the half in Vienna anymore.

Saturday was a rainy but great 10k around one of Berlin’s lakes and Sunday was supposed to be a 10k race which turned out to be a wonderful 9k full of trails, laughter and fun.


Happy halftime for me – hope the same is happening for you!


#40daysofeatingclean: Getting started


Starting #40daysofeatingclean has been distinctly less horrible that I thought I’d be – none of the really bad sugar cravings, absolute ease with cooking up something, 3 delicious meals, 1 snack, photos taken, recipes noted, new people joining in, motivational messages. It’s been all kinds of amazing to see my friends come up with creative recipe ideas, to see what a great support network we have and to realize that I’m not the only one that kinda wants to cry upon looking at a bag of m&ms.

At the same time I’ve started running again and it’s going great – none of the food coma runs that feel sluggish and terrible, but lots of love from my body getting the fuel it needs.

Let’s see whether that’s just beginners motivation (and probably imagination) or whether this is actually a thing. I couldn’t be more curious!

So tell me: how was your first week? Struggling? Success all around? Let me know!



I’ve always had a soft spot for reading myself into the most different topics (hello awkward bookworm only-child past, I’m looking at you). So, with the start of #40daysofeatingclean I knew, I had to learn (and read) … A LOT.

Here are a few initial sources of inspiration:

Skinny Minnie Moves has a great lowdown on what clean eating means HERE.

Clean Eating Magazine‘s got it all – express delivered from good old Australia. On a completely unrelated note: is there an option to get this read to me with a sexy Aussie accent? Thanks.

The Gracious Pantry has a Clean Eating 101 that I found incredibly helpful for beginners like me.

An old favorite of mine including all things paleo and the most hilarious blog posts from someone who LOVES to eat as much as I do is PaleOMG! Also, there’s an extra section on detox treats. Heaven.

The Urban Poser has lots of Yoga love and a 21 day sugar detox section.

Lots of details on different ingredients but not all clean eating over at Domesticate Me.


Do you have any other sources and recommendations? Keep ’em coming!

It’s been a while

…but I’m officially back blogging. With a new project. Starting tomorrow.


I’m excited, I’m terrified, I’m motivated.


Let’s go, hibernation’s over!




I made it through my first Olympic Distance ad I couldn’t be happier! ๐Ÿ™‚


It ended up being a wonderful swim, a decent bike and a way-too-hot run but honestly, I’m just so happy to have finished!

It’s a long road down to a triathlon

…or is it?

In my case, I’d argue for a very clear ‘HELL NO’. I just got the entry confirmation 5 weeks prior to the race (wohooo waiting list! yay me for waiting too long to sign up!) and for twice the distance that I had planned.

Not quite the conditions where you feel really prepared.

Also: I didn’t do any training plan – I knew I had to work on my basics on so many levels, so jumping into a training plan – especially for an Olympic Distance event would have been a sure way to get injured overtraining stuff I didn’t really know. And: the weather sucked. Really, we’ve had floods, we’ve had rainy days and weeks, it’s been bad.

Due to the flooding the start and the swim leg of the race were moved to another location – closeby, but still somewhere I’d never been before. Then again, these are EASY problems if I look around and see what else has happened due to the floods.

Saturday will tell whether this was enough, I guess.


My week

Today: Exam

Tomorrow: Exam

Thursday: Exam

Friday: Exam

Saturday: TRIATHLON.


Is it okay if I just panic a little? Yeah? Thanks.


Photo on 6-11-13 at 7.20 PM #4