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Race recap: Gatschentencrosslauf

Well, here’s a powerful reminder to actually think about the race choices I make. Monday night before my half marathon I got asked whether I’d like to replace a team member at an obstacle course. An easy 8k. Nothing too bad. Not that any of the team members had done that race before.

I thought about how I’d actually like to make it through my 21k on Sunday and then did the thing that any runner running for pure fun and enjoyment would do: I said yes.


So here’s what I thought I’d do: let’s say the running takes me around 50+ minutes, throw in a few obstacles and a hill, maybe some waiting time and we’re at a duration of 1:15h max. Didn’t sound too bad or strenuous before my half. All good then.


Aaaaand here’s what really happened:

That was the toughest race I’ve ever done. Ever. No matter the distance. Oh. My. God.

It started out easy enough. Crawl under some obstacles, climb a wall and jump off, get into a pool filled with freezing mud, all good to get the heart rate up but nothing too bad. The run around the other half of the court was great and then things started to get… jungle-y. It was all hills up, hills down, here’s a rope so you don’t tumble down that slope and use your hands to climb up the inclines and hold on to roots to get yourself up there. I think I actually ran less than a kilometre, the rest was up and down and up and down all over again.


At km 1 I literally wanted to cry. A frickin kilometre has never seemed as far is it had that day.

At km 2 I cut my hand.

At km 3 I was more than excited to see food and drinks.

At km 4 I was not entirely sure I was ready to do a second loop.

At km 5 I was doing it. (Here’s to being stubborn and not giving up.)

At km 6 I heard the winners were safe and sound back at the finish line. Great for them.

At km 7 my left knee was over it. It was painful at every step that I took downwards.

At km 8 – and a crazy 2:11h later – I made it to the finish line. No pauses, no energy left and no spot on my body not covered in mud.

Also: I was super proud that I fought through it and excited about the medal that was also covered in mud shortly after.


Apparently, one of the girls on our team won the race in an incredible time of 1:21h – training for an Ironman gives you supersonic speed as it looks like. I’m totally in awe and incredibly impressed.

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 21.20.54

That night, I joined my running girls for a pasta party and was so exhausted that I wasn’t even hungry anymore. Whoa. That was new. I’m never not hungry. Seriously. The gloriously sweet panna cotta brought some life back though.

At home, my knee got some nice tape work after my shoes and I enjoyed a loooong hot shower. The start of my half marathon was less than 12 hours away by that point and looking as unlikely as ever.



We Own The Night – 8 weeks to go

On Thursday, just as every week, it was time for the trainer run at the new Nike Store on Ku’damm in Berlin. But this time around, we were told that we’ll be accompanied by some music (hello faster pace!) and would face a surprise mid-run. Well, way to motivate the girls – I was stoked!


Nike did an amazing job in picking the route, mostly scenic views either of Berlin sights or along the Spree river with some 50+ girls in great spirit.

We stopped right across from the Bundestag and were surprised with a bunch of balloons with the WOTN logo printed on them, where we could write down our name and our goal for the race. Clumsy as I’ll ever be, mine was: DON’T FALL! I mean it.

I can’t wait what’s in store for us until the race comes and I’ll make sure to put in the training kilometres.

Golden miles

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 14.10.52


Whoop whoop – the 100km in March look more than realistic with a 10k coming up tomorrow and only 10k left for the last week of the month. I’m super happy about the progress after being out half of January and February. Hooray!

Also: I’m super curious how my 10k race will go tomorrow after another 10k and strength training today. Recommendations, anyone?

Now I just need to find the patience for my long runs. Ugh.

It’s not all about the food

One of the biggest reasons that made me commit to #40daysofeatingclean is the half marathon that I really want to run mid-April. The past 2 months of training have not quite gone so well – nasty colds and being clumsy apparently doesn’t result in the very best race prep, who would’ve known?


But just as I’m starting the 40days project things start to look up. The first week of March is closing in with some 35km, a little bit of speed work and lots of cross training. Since mid-February Berlin has its own Nike Clubhouse and I’ve tried to make it to 3 courses per week, which usually results in some very sore muscles and very happy moments trying out new workouts. I’m completely in love with the studio, the trainers are more than amazing and I love coming back again and again.


So here’s some additional sports goals for March to get half marathon ready:

Chomp down 100km.

Do the speed work. Despite it being speed work.

Yoga. At least once a week.

NTC. Minimum 5 workouts per week, either in the studio or at home.

Stick to the training plan. It’s awesome. Pay it some respect.



Brb. Just freaking out a little because the half is only 5 weeks away.

International Women’s Day Run

Spikes and Heels and Run like ‘elle started something amazing for Women’s Day: get your crew, eat some miles and celebrate. We’ll meet at noon at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin with Club der Töchter Berlin and Berlin’s Run Pack, but wherever you are, there’s a run for you:

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 12.16.45

Who runs the world? GIRLS!

40 days of eating clean

404224_10150626578054083_665045008_n copy

Bye bye love, bye bye cupcakes. (Damn, it’d be so much nicer if that rhymed.)

It’s happening.


#40daysofeatingclean is starting its journey today – I’m scared, thrilled, excited and not quite sure what I’m getting myself into.

For the first time – basically ever – I will not only try to train smartly for my upcoming half marathon but also take the nutrition side of things into account. I’ve been playing around with this thought for a while now, but, you know, I just couldn’t leave no peace of chocolate behind. (Also, who would do that?! Oh. Wait. Me, from now on. Shucks.)

Here’s the project:

I WILL eat clean for the 40 days of lent. Lots of homemade stuff, lots of things that would meet paleo and/or vegan criteria.

I WILL pay attention how certain food choices affect my training.

I WILL not only run and run and run but I’ll cross train. Smartly. Trying new things and focusing on a balanced full body workout rather than chomping down on ridiculous mileage.

I WILL let myself have a cheat day per week. Lent would traditionally give you Sunday off, I’ll take a day per week that for whatever reason I feel like I’ll ditch the restrictions.

I WILL share my journey here as well as on instagram.

I WON’T cut out entire food groups. You won’t see 40 days of eating vegan on here. You won’t see me scowling at the horrific idea of eating bread. Or carbs. Or whatsofreakingever. I like to eat, but for the upcoming 40 days, I’ll know what goes into my food and I’ll be able to pronounce it without needing a degree in chemistry. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? (I’ll eat my words. I know I will.)

I WON’T give up if there’s one day that doesn’t go as planned. I’ll get back to it the next day. If that means 2 cheat days that week, so be it. BUT: it is a long-term commitment, especially with the half marathon coming up a week before Easter (talk about pefect timing here, huh?).

Soooo – who’s in? Who’s done that before? What do you think?

Drumroll please



May I present: the newest addition to the family!

I just did my first 45km on my very first own racing bike – oh my gosh, I’m so excited! This was definitely a really great buy and I couldn’t be happier about it. Let’s see through how many races this babe will take me!


Wohooo! Full on triathlon motivation!