I run. I eat. I travel.

Halfway there

When I started #40daysofeatingclean I thought that 40 days is an incredibly long time to pay that much attention to what I eat. That I’ll suffer. That I’ll have a hard time. I mean… I’m too stubborn to give up, but still, I was pretty convinced this would put me to the test. After all: I’m pretty addicted to anything sweet and usually no carb gets left behind.

You know what? It’s not that bad. At all! No suffering, plenty of delicious meals, interesting reads and lots of things learned. I’m glad I invest time to take a closer look with what I’m fuelling my body. What goes into the food I eat.

I’m far from nibbling on celery sticks and having no energy – quite on the contrary: I have more energy, I don’t feel that beaten up after an intense day, I feel ready for a run whenever I want. Well. Mostly. (Also: when I’m not hungover – but since Saturday and Sunday usually are the days for long runs, that’s okay, too.



I took it easy with running last week and did a bit more strength training to keep my shins happy and I’m not that scared of the half in Vienna anymore.

Saturday was a rainy but great 10k around one of Berlin’s lakes and Sunday was supposed to be a 10k race which turned out to be a wonderful 9k full of trails, laughter and fun.


Happy halftime for me – hope the same is happening for you!


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  1. enom_le_pukk said:

    die letzten Wochen habe ich viel trainiert und war dennoch nicht eine Sekunde an dem Punkt, dass ich nicht mehr kann. Diese Woche ist ein wenig Regeneration angesagt, aber ich fühl mich so fit und munter, dass ich Bäume ausreissen könnte 🙂 Mein Körper dankt es mir, dass ich auf ihn Acht gebe und mich um ihn sorge! Stay strong and keep going 🙂

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