I run. I eat. I travel.


The last 2 weeks have gone by in a blink. The amount of things happening was kind of crazy:

My first bike crash – got hit frontally by a car (my bike got a bad hit, I was lucky).

4 exams in 4 days (So. not. fun.).

General end-of-semester-craziness (see above).

My first OD triathlon (Fck yeah, I made it!!).

First time ever on a longboard (I never thought I could be cool – there’s a new chance here!).

It might take a while till I’m THAT good.

Also: I totally rolled my ankle (not related to any of the above, as incredible as this may sound).

…Well, and after all of this, I packed my crutches (yeah, that happened) and went to Amsterdam.


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