I run. I eat. I travel.

…or is it?

In my case, I’d argue for a very clear ‘HELL NO’. I just got the entry confirmation 5 weeks prior to the race (wohooo waiting list! yay me for waiting too long to sign up!) and for twice the distance that I had planned.

Not quite the conditions where you feel really prepared.

Also: I didn’t do any training plan – I knew I had to work on my basics on so many levels, so jumping into a training plan – especially for an Olympic Distance event would have been a sure way to get injured overtraining stuff I didn’t really know. And: the weather sucked. Really, we’ve had floods, we’ve had rainy days and weeks, it’s been bad.

Due to the flooding the start and the swim leg of the race were moved to another location – closeby, but still somewhere I’d never been before. Then again, these are EASY problems if I look around and see what else has happened due to the floods.

Saturday will tell whether this was enough, I guess.



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