I run. I eat. I travel.

Last Sunday I finally ran the Berlin half – I was sore at the starting line, wore shoes that were brand new and a jacket I’d never worn before. Also: I hadn’t done a run (except for panicky 3 – yes, THREE, no digit was forgotten – run tree days before to somewhat break in the shoes) for a good two weeks before. Thank you, tendonitis.

Well, by the looks of it: I was in for some serious trouble. Honestly, I thought so too!

All I wanted was to get to KM3 and run through Brandenburg Gate – just because the scenery is incredible – I’m talking goosebumps here.


Miraculously, the first 12k flew by – Berliner Dom, Brandenburg Gate, Siegessäule, Charlottenburg Castle, all the sights I knew so well from my time living in this wonderful city, were beaming in sunlight and the run was effortless. By km15 I realized that I could actually finish and by km21 I was the happiest camper of them all.

Yesterday it was race time again, this time in sunny Vienna. For the first two hours I cheered, screamed and was incredibly proud to spot my friends doing the first relay leg or the half looking great at km11.

trex6677_10151606949249083_773166910_nI also brought T-Rex for some race support.
Thanks to these awesome guys in Berlin who had a pretty similar sign that made me smile so much!!

Our relay was great fun, it was sunny outside and we actually managed to cross the finish line together. It was one of those perfect moments I won’t forget.

IMG_2598Star-shaped medals. So much love!


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