I run. I eat. I travel.

Looking back: running.

I know it’s just a little late for a 2012 recap, but this January was too intense to focus on blogging.

So, here’s the rundown (pun oh-so-intended) of last year.


2011 ended with a really short and nice run on its last day and 2012 was supposed to begin like the old year ended: on the run. What wasn’t planned though, was the immediate injury throwback on January 1st. So much for giving it all and getting my lazy ass out in the cold weather on New Years Day.

That ‘little setback’ lasted well into my Istanbul time – a little cross-trainer and treadmill time on Valentine’s day and basically pausing until the beginning of March, when the Vienna Marathon relay came scarily close and I had no idea how to get through those 11k.

With a few easy non-timed jogs along the Bosporus shore and extremely weird looks from the fishermen there it was a Take it EAAAAASY on the 11k which unfortunately meant that snails might have overtaken me. Seriously. Not cool.

It really started on my second day in Berlin: a sweet kick off run of 12k in crazy 35degree summer heat. New friends. A new place. I loved it so much that we kept going – every other day for the first two weeks and off and on all summer. I ran a 5k at the Night Run, 10k at the Berlin Stadtlauf, 5k at Tierparklauf – all three runs with a massive hangover, friends and loads of fun. I even have a Berlin Marathon medal hanging at home for being a pacemaker for a friend of mine when motivation hit a complete high. But then… I twisted my knee biking the Monday before my planned half marathon. I eventually scaled back on doing a quarter marathon that turned out to be a 12k in the pouring rain.

The most substantial change was the sudden change to being pain free and shinsplint-less in November (yay magnesium!) and lots of short runs following this discovery.

And since Christmas I’ve been running, and running, and running…

It’s looking good.


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