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Unexpected race bling

Or: How I ended up getting a Berlin Marathon medal

You know I’m a runner as well as you know I’d currently never attempt to run a full marathon. At some point I’d love to do a full 42.195 friggin km run myself. But right now? So not happening. This Monday I couldn’t even climb a flight of stairs because my knee is pretty fucked up.

But my wonderfully adventurous friend Katy took a shot at her 5th marathon. Pretty impressive if you ask me! The day before the race, I miraculously turned into marathon mum: Doing all the prep I’d never do for myself the night before – looking for safety pins, checking out all train connections, going through the map, buying painkillers…

Really last minute (speak: Sunday morning about 5 mins before the race began) I decided not only to bring my big camera, some water and my best cheering mood to the race course but just for good measure wear my running attire and ask, whether I shall join in for a few kms here and there. I don’t mean to brag but… BEST IDEA EVER! I took the train to km 9 and got a text about 10 mins before Katy was about to arrive – yeah, running marathons and still able to send decent text messages – crazy impressive. So instead of providing a mere 10 seconds of screams, cheers and applause (she was at least as fast as the Flash, I’m serious) I joined in for something between one and two kilometers. It was so much fun to run these short bits of the race – a crazy amount of spectators was out in the street (I remember some newspaper talking about one million and I would not dare to differ), everyone was cheering, there were bands playing and the sun was shining. At Alexanderplatz I hopped on the train to join in at km 17-19 and later did a last run from km 33 down Ku’damm. If I ever attempt running a marathon, PLEASE let me look this good after having run 34 kilometers. I mean, seriously, I look more exhausted after 3.4km. But the feeling of all the cheers, the familiar city, the biggest respect for the marathoners, seeing how well Katy held up, the picture perfect weather – it was, is and will be truly unforgettable, even though I didn’t actually do the full distance.

Oh, and the sight of people trying (and miserably but hilariously) failing to get up stairs sent us cracking up all over again. Speaking of:


Katy is traveling Europe and awesomely blogging about it at: FIFTEENADAY


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