I run. I eat. I travel.


There’s two kinds of reunions with friends: The really big OHMYGODIHAVENTSEENYOUINLIKEFOREEEEVER and the easy, unpretentious ‘how’s it going?’.

What do I mean with that? Well, on the one hand there’s reunions where you just feel that you haven’t seen each other in a long, long while. But nonetheless, you choose to cheer for it. Good on ya. However, there is a sense of having been separated there. Of not really being that familiar anymore. Of not really knowing what’s been going on with the other person.

And then, there’s the reunions that sometimes take place after years have gone by. Still, this kind of reunion is calm, in a way reassuring and very much at ease. This is the kind of reunion that doesn’t actually feel like a reunion, if much rather feels like a quick catching up over coffee, just pick up where you left last time and get on chatting happily away. This ist the kind of reunion that shows really special friendships: You don’t have to know exactly what’s been going on but you still get on as well as you did years ago. You still giggle about the same stuff, burst into hysteric fits of laughter at the same time and you still find things to chat away about way past tiredness or bedtime.

This kind of reunion is precious and rare and I will never stop to appreciate it.


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