I run. I eat. I travel.

Hos geldiniz!

Random acts of kindness are always a great thing to experience, but if they happen randomly within a short time – well, even better!

Yesterday was such a day full of positive surprises: Firstly, the owner of our appartments that the team and me stayed at offered to take me to the city instead of calling a cab. Which also meant he carried all my heavy one-semester-of-my-life-in-there luggage.

Secondly, I got to go into one of the bigger mosques (Şehzade Camii) just at prayer time and was allowed to stay and watch – absolutely fascinating, a great prayer chant and a stunningly beautiful mosque. After a while an older woman walked up to me and gestured that she’d like me to take a picture of her with her old (nope, far from digital) camera and then she took my hand, told the guard at the door that he now has to take a picture of both of us and was absolutely delighted when I told her that I’m Austrian. She’s from Iran, that’s pretty much as far as my Arabic and her English go. Then again, smiling works in any language.

I also me at scarf vendor at the grand bazaar that – upon hearing I’m Austrian – asked me what ‘Woat a bissl’ meant. You should have seen my face… (for the non-German-speakers here: it means ‘wait a little’ and is just one of the most random sentences to know).

Today, I got told off by a random guy for taking my camera out in an orthodox church (nope, not even one picture, and nope, I’d never use a flash in any church/mosque). I packed it away but he still called the guard (drama queen, seriously) who told him to basically shut up and told me not only to take as many pictures as I wanted but also to just come back later to get a tour. After a goodbye breakfast I went back with a friend and got to go up to see the church from above and got all explanations, details and so on.
Oh, did I mention who started to take pictures when I left the church?! Yeah.

Yesterday, after having spent the whole afternoon in the super touristy area I was in my ‘don’t you dare talking to me’ mood after a proposal, 2 guys randomly shouting Australia at me and countless ‘Hellooo, ladyyy, wanna buy, look, here, good restaurant, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh’ when I heard another ‘Hello! Helloo!’ and turned around with my best ‘You better fuck off and go die’ face. However, this time around it was a fellow exchangie who spent his last night in the city and we ended up getting some beers with a gorgeous view of the city and some great chats.

I’ll have another day tomorrow to be a tourist and roam the city a little and then on Thursday I’ll be back.

Time flies.


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