I run. I eat. I travel.

A love declaration.

I just had the sweetest, most amazing cab driver ever. Thanks to spontaneously pouring rain I ended up going home soaked by metro and took a cab for the rest of the distance… and as I got in, I apparently looked miserable enough that the driver yanked the heating up to maximum (regardless of him wearing a jacket and all) – because otherwise I’ll be cold and we can’t risk that. Amazing.


In general the weather today was quite the freak show. CNN knows more HERE. Btw, I was next to the building where the banner got ripped off. That’s exactly on our floor and even our building was swaying in the wind. And the amount of sand/dust/dirt in the air was insane. That’s a shot from my mobile after the rest of the banner (covering the entire side of that skyscraper) was blown away:



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