I run. I eat. I travel.

The Art of Traveling

Some realizations:

I agree on the sunglasses.
I am a roller too. Folding things doesn’t freak me out, but it makes this get weird and crumpled more easily.
I totally agree on checking what’s in the wash bag and whether you left that one little travel size thingie in the hotel the last time. I’m a master in that.

And I’ll figure out the rest till Monday.



Comments on: "The Art of Traveling" (2)

  1. julesschmules said:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Is that first guy drunk or does his job only require packing pants but not wearing any? der kann do net sei hosen mit da bügelfaltn so roin! aaaaaaargh *choke*
    guy #2 – needs his mum or a proper wifey – shirts at the BOTTOM (wtf=?) of the suitcase? and the shoes on top? just because u sound fancy talking english and there’s nice music in the background doesn’t mean that ur don draper
    and of course, the german gets it right – and the man’s called geld not gold

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