I run. I eat. I travel.

After a quite rotten day last week at the spice market (Lady, lady, buy, look here, take this, come here, go there, where you from – or just getting laughed at for trying to speak Turkish…) and some general being-fed-up-ness with always sticking out as a foreigner, today was an amazingly good day – and it’s not even over yet 🙂

First of all – after pouring rain for last night’s run (give me some badass workout credit here, please) – I woke up to beaming sunshine. Absolutely gorgeous weather, the sun’s glittering and sparkling on the Bosporus and it’s warm and nice outside.

I met Murat Bey – one of the shopkeepers in Sariyer and my saviour from snow-slush-rain in Feb, when he actually walked outside to tell me to get my ass back into the shop again because I’ll get ill if I wait out there – again and he was as sweet as ever. Asking me how I am, asking me whether my visitors (Thesi, er wusste sogar deinen Namen noch!) have gone home already, all the likes and that combined with great coffee. No wonder I like that little place!

Marco and I went to PwC for some sector briefing rock’n’roll time and, after being stuck in traffic for about 2 hours, it all went extremely well – got great feedback from our supervisor and the partner I presented to, and if the other presentation somehow just sort of goes like this one did I couldn’t be happier!

To continue that lucky streak I just had a really sweet cab driver taking me up to Taksim – kids around my age, lived in Germany for a while, adorable language skills and just generously nice, open and very honest.

Oh, and starting off the day by getting told you’re pretty by a policeman is not too bad either, don’t you think?!


I’m at the airport now, waiting for my flight to Izmir. SO exciting! I hope to tell you travel tales from Izmir, Pamukkale, Efes and who knows which other places too.


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