I run. I eat. I travel.

My safe haven.

When traveling in most more or less developed countries (excluding Italy, but that might be a whole other story…), I always find a place to feel at home… and so unsurprising this may seem to quite a few of you, I want to say it here again: Starbucks, I LOVE YOU!

Today hasn’t quite been my day, workflow at the office just wouldn’t settle in and everything’s been just off for no apparent reason. Plus I’ve had one of these days here where all morons start talking to me and thus being a massive pain in the ass.

So I’ve curled up at my favourite refuge and I’m skyping and soy-vanilla-chai-latte and kestaneli cheesecake (chestnuts, chocolate, cheesecake…heaven!) and everything’s starting to look a little less grime.

It’s 8PM and either I’ll have a super early morning/super stressy day tomorrow at uni or I’ll head to uni after I get home (which might still take another hour… at least – 3cheers for Istanbul traffic. Not.) and get everything done.

But at least on the learning Turkish front I can safely say that there IS progress and I can order and interact when it’s just basic things AND I’ve been complimented on my lingo skills. A few times! Wohoo! So there is hope 🙂

And now I’ll enjoy my heavenly chai and cuddle up in that massive leather chair that I’m sitting in…

PS: For the worriers: It just needed to be written down that it’s not all pink fluff and glittery unicorns but nothing’s actually wrong. Just an odd and off day… it happens to the best of us 😉

Oder auf gut österreichisch: passt scho!


Nachtrag: Dass sich der Barista mir fast vor die Füße gelegt hätt (sehr zum Amusement des zweiten dahinter) hat natürlich beim Nachhausegehen auch noch zu meiner Unterhaltung beigetragen. Nicht dass ich so entzückend wär, aber der konnte halt im richtigen Moment net gscheit Stiegensteigen 😀


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