I run. I eat. I travel.


I just spent my last weekend in fairy chimney country Cappadocia, and I am still searching for words to describe the beauty of this surreal landscapes… because I feel like breathtaking, stunning, gorgeous or incredible won’t do it justice.

I will, however, let some pictures speak for themselves.

We saw the aforementioned fairy chimneys, enjoyed the thermal springs, hunchbacked through an underground city, did some wine tasting and really had a wonderful time… and two insanely long bus rides (think 10 hours on a bus… yay.) Then again, I’m always astonished just how funny that ‘Put-a-post-it-on-your-forehead-and-guess-the-person-you-are’ game is – not only was I the coolest pirate around (Captain Morgan, ARRRRR!) but also made people cringe with the most wrong guesses ever: ‘Am I Hitler? Am I Mao?’ – Turns out I was Ghandi… who would have known 🙂

For this picture we actually skipped a jewellery shop and just snuck off to get a good view of the surroundings. Best choice ever, it really was gorgeous! And running up one more hill didn’t matter at that point anyway, it was quite the adventurous weekend with loads of ‘let’s go and explore’ moments and no real destination. And believe me, in this gorgeous landscape you don’t need a destination, you just stumble over the most beautiful views or a steaming hot creek in the snow or…


Especially with the snow it became a very surreal place… and by surreal I also mean loads and loads of fun! New friendships grew, fun and shenanigans were the main TO DOs of the day…

…and we were all just very happy Schneeengerl! 🙂


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