I run. I eat. I travel.


Much to my surprise, that 14th of February turned out to be a pretty darn sweet day 🙂


First of all, vive le Blondinenbonus! Being a blonde, blue-eyed girl in this city sometimes has its advantages – such as getting a free leather belt with that really pretty dress I found (whoop whoop), and being from abroad meant that I got some delicious free baklava because…. I need to try how good this is. I agree, that one was amazing! As were the pink heart-shaped cookies we had at kahvehane….

The day didn’t only end with excellent cocktails (pomegrenade mojitos, ole!) it also ended with a bus driver changing his route to get me to my bus stop and not even accepting the fare for that.


And on matters of love: I had my very first training session that wasn’t physiotherapy only and so far no shin splints anywhere….  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!



Comments on: "14-02-12" (2)

  1. julesschmules said:

    pomegrenade mojitos???
    *wringsfists* dayum! *drools*
    plus idun think it’s the blonde hair but somthin else starting w b 😉

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