I run. I eat. I travel.


First of all: I have arrived. Finally. Wohoo 🙂

While trying to get to Istanbul I’ve made some encounters worth mentioning.

First, there was the pilot from Salzburg that I met because we were both trying to stay calm and not burst into tears of laughter as the guy behind me was close to tears (of despair) as he was missing his flight to Istanbul. Then the 14 month old girl on the plane seat next to me that decided half an hour before landing that she’d rather cry when in her mom’s, grandma’s and dad’s arms but flew merrily into Istanbul in my hands (much to the astonishment of me AND her family), or the cab driver who responded to my ‘That’s a lot of snow…’ with a very decisive ‘No English!!’ (Unconfortable silence, fine with me…). They surely provided entertainment along the way, but I’m also glad to finally be here.

So far, I’ve been here for 3 days now… and I’ve seen at least 2 seasons.

Friday all the exchangies went sightseeing in the old part of town to see Topkapi palace and the Grand Bazaar with everything covered in snow and looking like a fairytale. I’m trying to forget about how freezing it was, but then again, it was about 15 degrees warmer than at home.

Yesterday and today spring hit the city and it’s just utterly gorgeous.

I can’t wait to see more…

That’s about 100m away from where I live.
Yes, I’m that lucky.


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